2H-70 Slide Valve Vacuum Pump: Your Ultimate Industrial Partner

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Meet the 2H-70 Slide Valve Vacuum Pump, a versatile and trusted choice for a range of industrial applications. Built robustly with a focus on high efficiency and durability, it excels in vacuum packaging, vacuum forming, and medical applications. Its potent performance is characterized by a powerful Flow Rate of 70 m³/h and Ultimate Pressure level of 2 mbar. Its operational noise is maintained at a low level of 68 dB(A). Powered by 2.2 kW, it is compatible with most power supply systems. Note that there isn’t any known chemical formula or CAS number related to this product up to date.

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2H-70 Slide Valve Vacuum Pump: Championing Industrial Efficiency and Durability

The 2H-70 Slide Valve Vacuum Pump serves as a reliable partner for your industrial operations, ensuring perfection and precision at every step of your workflow. Its advanced design enables it to handle the most demanding conditions and applications - from vacuum packaging to medical applications and vacuum forming, all with seamless ease.

Efficiency Meets Sustainable Performance

With its unique slide valve technology, the 2H-70 Vacuum Pump guarantees a powerful suction and discharge process. The effective energy consumption model of the pump supports a high degree of performance, saving you on operating costs and contributing to an environmentally-friendly operation.

Constructed for Durability

The robust construction and the use of highly durable materials make 2H-70 a stalwart for longevity and reliability. Even under continuous use, the vacuum pump promises exceptional durability, thereby providing an unmatched level of resilience.

Taking a Lead with Superior Technology

Equipped with innovative slide valve technology, the 2H-70 vacuum pump ensures a smooth and efficient operation. This technology not only guarantees outstanding suction and discharge but also enhances the overall operation of your business.

Versatility Personified

The versatility of the 2H-70 vacuum pump makes it adaptable to a spectrum of industrial needs. Regardless of your specific application, this reliable and efficient vacuum pump will expertly cater to your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Promises maximum efficiency with reduced energy consumption and high performance
  • Built to last with a robust construction using highly durable materials
  • Advanced slide valve technology ensuring exceptional suction and discharge
  • Suits a range of applications, making it perfect for varied industrial needs

Transform your industrial process with the inclusion of the unmatched 2H-70 Slide Valve Vacuum Pump. Its unparalleled durability and unique technology make it a truly valuable addition to your industry. Please note that product samples are not available due to the nature of this product.

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