22W Solar Street Light: Eco-friendly, High-Luminosity Outdoor Lighting Solution

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The 22W Solar Street Light is an environment-friendly outdoor illumination solution that taps into solar energy. It projects a bright, clear light of 4000 Lumens intensity ensured by its 22W LED configuration, heightening security in various outdoor environments. Selected highlights include:

  • Stand-alone, pole-mounted luminous system driven by solar power
  • High-efficiency LED output: 22W/4000 Lumens
  • Durable, stable design supported by a robust steel pole
  • User-friendly installation and virtually no maintenance

Powered by a high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel with a 12/24VDC power supply. An enduring, maintenance-free battery supports the system. It is an ideal fit for streets, parks, parking lots, and other outdoor installations.

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Experience Eco-friendly and High-Luminosity with 22W Solar Street Light

Addressing the high demand for sustainable and innovative outdoor lighting solutions, we introduce our superior 22W Solar Street Light. With its heavy focus on harnessing solar energy, this product exhibits an ideal blend of environmental consciousness and operational efficiency.

Impeccable Design Meets Unsurpassed Performance

Our 22W Solar Street Light is succinctly developed to optimize sunlight, a natural, abundant, and renewable energy source. This standalone lighting solution not only reduces carbon emissions significantly but also proves cost-effective, bringing money-saving opportunities to the forefront.

The top-notch construction showcases a robust steel pole to ensure unmatched durability, resilience and stability, even in severe weather conditions. Thus, providing a cost-effective, dependable, and long-lasting lighting solution for various outdoor spaces.

Key Features

  • Environmentally Sustainable: The primary power source being solar energy, these lights trim down the dependency on conventional power means, curbing carbon footprint significantly.
  • High Brightness Output: Exhibiting a potent LED light of 22W that emits 4000 Lumens, this solar light promises high-grade illumination, improving visibility and safety.
  • Durable Construction: The hard-wearing steel pole installation provides exceptional service and stands up to harsh weather conditions, promising reliable long-term use.


  • Power Supply: 12/24VDC
  • Brightness: 4000 Lumens
  • Structure: Pole-mounted, Steel material
  • Application Range: Ideal for streets, parks, parking lots, and various outdoor sites

Choose our 22W Solar Street Light for a convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly outdoor lighting solution, ensuring optimal illumination and promoting environmental responsibility.

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