Real-Time PCR Detection Kit

Manufacturer: Sansure Biotech Inc,.

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2019-nCov nucleic acid-based diagnostic reagent kit (fluorescent PCR)

Usage: This reagent kit is used for in-vitro qualitative test of suspected case of novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia, suspected patient of clustered case, other tests of nasopharyngeal swab or bronchoalveolar lavage containing 2019-nCov virus gene ORF1ab and gene N
Main composition Ingredients: 2019-nCov-PCR reaction solution,
2019-nCov-PCR-enzyme mixture,
2019-nCov-PCR-positive control,
2019-nCov-PCR-negative control
Rapid detection: Result of 96 samples will be issued in 3 hrs
Specification: 24 tests / kit