2015 SUNDI-725WN: Premium Rapid Cool-Down and Heat-Up Equipment | Precise Temperature Control Solution

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Experience superior, customizable temperature control with the 2015 Rapid Cool-Down and Heat-Up Equipment SUNDI-725WN. Offering a control range of -70 to 250 degrees Celsius, the machine guarantees precision and consistency with the Feed Forward PID and PLC controller. Notable features include:

  • Optimized Temperature Control: Allows for customizable operations through process or jacket oil control.
  • Control Programming: Customization made simple with space for up to 20 programs, each carrying 45 steps.
  • Efficient Communication: Powered by MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface to ensure seamless data transmission.
  • Durable Components: In-built with premium products like Compressor by Copeland and Expansion Valve by Danfoss for reliable performance.
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2015 Rapid Cool-Down and Heat-Up Equipment SUNDI-725WN: The Precise Temperature Control Solution

The SUNDI-725WN, launched in 2015, is a top-tier Rapid Cool-Down and Heat-Up Equipment developed with advanced technology for accurate temperature control. Produced using superior-grade components, this highly versatile machine offers vast temperature functionality, accurately modulating from extreme lows of -70°C to highs of 250°C. The SUNDI-725WN is a remarkable asset to any industry necessitating rigorous temperature regulations.

  • Model: SUNDI-725WN, a testament to advanced technology and precision.
  • Temperature Range: Capable of operating within a wide range from -70°C to as high as 250°C.
  • Control Mode: Features a robust feed-forward PID dynamic control calculation supported by a reliable PLC controller, offering precise control.
  • Temperature Control: You can choose between manipulating processing temperature control or jacket oil temperature control, as per your requirements.
  • Program Editor: Comes built-in with an editable program system which can hold up to 20 programs, each with the potential to support up to 45 steps.
  • Communication Protocol: Fully compatible with MODBUS RTU Protocol; facilitated through an RS 485 interface.
  • Temperature Feedback: PT100 feedback is obtainable for both heat-conducting medium and raw material process.
  • Temperature Accuracy: Promises unparalleled precision with a ±1°C deviation.

Fashioned from the best components available, the SUNDI-725WN incorporates a robust Copeland compressor, a Danfoss expansion valve, an Emerson oil separator, and a uniquely devised KAORI plate heat exchanger for the evaporator. Its user-friendly 7-inch color touchscreen offers precise temperature curve records and allows for data to be exported conveniently in Excel format.

With its closed circulation system, the machine inhibits oil mist at high temperatures and water vapor at low temperatures, ensuring a tidy and safe working environment. The SUNDI-725WN is also packed with remarkable safety features such as freeze overload protection, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level protection, high temperature protection, and temperature fault protection.

Achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in your business with the SUNDI-725WN – a paragon of reliable, precise, and efficient temperature control technology.

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