SUNDI-725WN Rapid Cool-Down & Heat-Up Equipment: The Ultimate in Precision Temperature Control

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Experience precision and efficiency in temperature control with the SUNDI-725WN Rapid Cool-Down & Heat-Up Equipment. Engineered for swift temperature variation (-70 to 250°C), it bolsters diverse application processes. Equipped with a feed-forward PID and PLC controller for maximum operational precision. Safety measures encompass self-diagnosis, overload, and heat protection. Constructed from rust-proof SUS 304, ensuring enduring performance.

  • Temperature range: -70~250°C
  • Control Mode: Feed-forward PID, PLC controller
  • Safety Features: Self-diagnosis, overload, temperature fault protection
  • Material: Durable SUS 304
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SUNDI-725WN Rapid Cool-Down & Heat-Up Equipment: A Pinnacle of Precision Temperature Control

The SUNDI-725WN Rapid Cool-Down and Heat-Up Equipment is a lifesaver in demanding temperature-sensitive contexts spanning diverse industries. This high-tech thermostat system exhibits high speed and precision in temperature adjustment, making it a preferred choice for enhancing productivity in various scenarios. Its fusion of sophisticated technologies, innovative designs, and intuitive controls make it a staple in any industry.

  • Extensive Temperature Range: The SUNDI-725WN features a sweeping operational temperature range from -70°C to 250°C, catering to versatile industry requirements.
  • Tailored Control Mechanism: The device incorporates feed-forward PID and PLC controller, granting users intricate control over temperature variables.
  • Accessible Program Editor: The equipment boasts 20 customizable programs, each with 45 editable steps for maximum versatility in temperature regulation.
  • Real-Time Communication: The integration of MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface enables steady, time-critical communication, streamlining operations.
  • Effective Heating and Cooling: With an equal allocation of 2500W for heating and cooling, this device guarantees quick and efficient temperature transitions.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features: Embedded safety mechanisms such as self-diagnostic system, overload protection, low liquid level warning, and temperature discrepancy alert ensure safe usage.
  • Interactive Operation Panel: The interface features a 7-inch coloured touchscreen, allowing interactive curve displays of temperatures and export of data in Excel format.
  • Durable Material: The SUNDI-725WN is constructed from sturdy SUS 304 steel to ensure prolonged usage and resilience in challenging environments.
  • Add-On Customization: Users can upgrade their device with add-ons like an Ethernet interface, an external touchscreen display controller, and additional power options according to individual needs.

Invest in the SUNDI-725WN Rapid Cool-Down and Heat-Up Equipment for improved precision in temperature control and observe a phenomenal boost in your industrial processes.

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