LD-4W Ultra-Low Freezer: Unrivaled Performance and Consistency

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LD-4W Ultra-low Freezer: Exceptional Performance & Reliability

Experience superior freezing capabilities with the LD-4W Ultra-low Temperature Freezer. Designed for both laboratory and research use, this high-performance freezer ensures efficient sample preservation with a temperature range of -80°C to -30°C. Key Features:

  • Efficient Cooling: Boasts a cooling capacity of 6kW at -60°C and 4kW at -75°C.
  • Advanced Circulation Pump: Ensures optimized cooling with a flow rate of 6.6m³/h and max pressure of 2.5bar.
  • Premium Components: Built with reliable components from eminent brands like Emerson and Schneider.
  • Safety Measures: Equipped with advance safety protection such as over-temperature protection, power failure and door open alarms.
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Experience Optimal Performance and Reliability with the LD-4W Ultra-Low Freezer

Presenting the LD-4W Ultra-Low Freezer, a top-of-the-range freezer specifically designed for the rigorous requirements of the laboratory and research sectors. Fully equipped with superior cooling technology, this freezer offers exceptional sample preservation and stability even under the most testing conditions.

Superior Temperature Control

Engineered for versatility, the LD-4W possesses an extensive temperature range from -80°C to -30°C, accommodating a broad spectrum of freezing needs. It boasts impressive cooling capacities of 6kW or 5160Kcal/h at -60°C and 4kW or 3440Kcal/h at -75°C, setting unprecedented performance standards in ultra-low temperature environments.

High-Efficiency Pump

The freezer incorporates a circulation pump capable of delivering a maximum throughput of 6.6m³/h. With a maximum pressure capacity of 2.5bar, it assures steady, efficient operation.

Top-Quality Components

The LD-4W is built using components from industry leaders such as Emerson and Schneider, affirming its longevity and consistent performance standards.

Safety and Convenience

The LD-4W is thoughtfully crafted, equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the secure storage of your samples. Its user-friendly operation panel offers precise control and streamlined monitoring of temperature settings.

Reliable and High-Quality Freezing Solution

The LD-4W Ultra-Low Freezer exemplifies superior freezing technology. It promises not only high cooling abilities and quality components but also unparalleled reliability, ensuring your laboratory operations progress smoothly. Equip your lab with the LD-4W for a faultless, high-performance freezing solution.

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