2015 Industrial Cold Treatment GY-A080N Test Chamber – Maximized Precision & Efficiency Under Extreme Conditions

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Presenting the 2015 Industrial Cold Treatment GY-A080N Test Chamber, an advanced solution for precise industrial cold testing. This equipment features:

  • Large Volume: Expansive 800L capacity for diverse industrial testing.
  • Precision: Temperature control range from -100°C to 60°C ensures precise testing results.
  • Easy Deploymnet: Featuring a 7-inch color touchscreen panel with an advanced ASET controller for ease of operation.
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: Power failure, over-temperature, and leakage protection for secure operation.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: A maximum power consumption of merely 20KW.
  • Bespoke Operationality: Optional features like remote monitoring and data logging tailored to unique operational requirements.
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2015 Industrial Cold Treatment GY-A080N Test Chamber: Enhanced Precision and Unrivalled Reliability

The 2015 Industrial Cold Treatment GY-A080N Test Chamber represents the epitome of reliability and precision in extreme conditions. Specifically engineered for demanding and accurate industrial testing processes, this advanced unit guarantees consistency at temperature ranges of between -100u00b0C and +60u00b0C. Experience confidence at an unprecedented level with results produced under the most severe testing conditions.

Efficiency Personified

The GY-A080N, an advanced model maximizes efficiency without compromise on performance. The inclusion of an ASET multifunctional controller ensures optimal energy usage. Additionally, with a heating power demand of 5KW and peak power of 20KW, you can execute exhaustive testing without worrying about excessive energy costs.

User-Friendly Design for Ease of Use

Benefit from the incorporation of a user-friendly 7-inch color touch screen operational panel, designed to enhance the user experience. It provides simplified navigation through all features, allowing for smooth and hassle-free testing operations.

Emphasis on Safety

Safety is uncompromised in the GY-A080N test chamber design. With sophisticated safety mechanisms in place, you can execute your tests with peace of mind, knowing that risks of potential hazards are minimized.

Potential for Customization

The test chamber offers enhanced optional features that allow users to customize their testing environment. Cater your testing requirements for optimal precision every time with GY-A080N.

  • Superior performance in extreme temperature conditions (-100u00b0C~60u00b0C)
  • Energy-efficient operations (20KW Max power)
  • Easy to use 7-inch color touch screen operation panel
  • Built-in ASET multifunctional controller
  • Robust safety mechanisms
  • Customizable for specific testing needs

Invest in the future of your business with the 2015 Industrial Cold Treatment GY-A080N Test Chamber for ultimate precision, energy efficiency, and superior safety for all your cold treatment testing needs.

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