2015 GY-A080N Test Chamber by LNEYA: High-Capacity, High-Precision Testing

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2015 GY-A080N Test Chamber by LNEYA – Efficient and Reliable Testing Equipment

  • High capacity: Boasts an 800L volume, catering to extensive test requirements.
  • Superior performance: Features a wide temperature range of -100°C to 60°C, a cooling capacity of 2KW at -90°C, and employs an automated controller.
  • Advanced features: Equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen and a copeland compressor for seamless functionality.
  • Safety measures: Comes with temperature fault protection and cooling unit overload protection. Uses R404A, R23, and R14 refrigerants.
  • Durable construction: Encased in a robust cold-rolled steel housing with a copper tube evaporator and aluminum fin ensuring longevity.

Note: This product is an impeccable choice for laboratories and research facilities seeking reliable high-performing testing equipment.

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The 2015 GY-A080N test chamber by LNEYA is a highly advanced and reliable testing equipment known for its remarkable performance. Built to cater to a wide range of application areas, this high-capacity test chamber is trusted by labs and research facilities across the globe.

Unmatched Accuracy

A crucial aspect of this efficient test chamber lies in its precise temperature control system. Spanning a broad temperature range of -100u00b0C to 60u00b0C, the chamber guarantees temperature accuracy of u00b12u00b0C.

Spacious Testing Environment

The chamber boasts an impressive volume of 800L and an inner dimension of 1350*800*750. This substantial size makes it capable of accommodating various kinds of tests, experiments, and products.

Control and Interface

Furnished with an ASET multifunctional controller and a 7-inch color touchscreen, users can easily interface with the unit. It also records temperature curves and fault records, yielding valuable insights during testing.

Cooling and Heating Efficiency

The cooling capacity at -90u00b0C is 2kW, and the heating power is 5kW, demonstrating the chamber's efficiency in maintaining optimum environmental conditions. The cooling system is air-cooled but also has water-cooled auxiliary functions for enhanced efficiency.


Comprehensive safety features like self-diagnosis functions, phase sequence phase failure protection, leakage protector, and cooling unit overload protection ensure the user’s and the equipment’s safety.

Quality and Design

The exterior is composed of cold-rolled steel and the interior features a wire-drawn board made of SUS304. The unit uses polyurethane foam for insulation, ensuring minimal energy loss and stable testing conditions.

Performance-Boosting Components

Including performance-boosting components such as an Emerson compressor, a KAORI plate heat exchanger, and a copper-tube evaporator with aluminum-fin, the 2015 GY-A080N creates an unbeatable, high-performance testing environment.


In summary, the 2015 GY-A080N test chamber by LNEYA delivers high standards in product testing. Its wide array of useful features, combined with its vast capacity and precise temperature control, makes it versatile and useful across diverse testing scenarios.

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