2015 GY-A080N Horizontal Industrial Cryogenic Refrigerator: Superior Precision, Performance & Safety

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Featuring precision and performance, the 2015 GY-A080N Horizontal Industrial Cryogenic Refrigerator offers reliable performance for low-temperature treatment applications. Highlights include a generous 800L volume, a wide temperature range from -100°C to 60°C, and an easy-to-operate 7-inch color touch screen. The unit is powered by a reliable Emerson Copeland compressor and includes safety features such as a high and low pressure switch and overload relay. Optional programmable cooling and heating and an interior door are available. The refrigerator’s durability is ensured by a substantial thermal insulation layer of 125 mm and a sturdy cold rolled steel exterior.

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2015 GY-A080N Horizontal Industrial Cryogenic Refrigerator - Precision and Performance Combined

The 2015 GY-A080N Horizontal Industrial Cryogenic Refrigerator sets a benchmark for efficiency, safety, and functionality. Designed to meet the most demanding low-temperature treatment applications, this cutting-edge machinery from the house of GY brings to you robust industrial cryogenic technology at its finest with its advanced 7-inch touch screen ASET multifunction controller, self-diagnosis function, cascade refrigeration system, and so much more.

  • Capacity: The refrigerator boasts of a spacious volume of 800L, capable of easily carrying up to 300KG of load.
  • Temperature Accuracy: In a temperature range of -100°C to 60°C, the 2015 GY-A080N maintains an impressive accuracy of ±2°C.
  • Cooling and Heating Performance: Equipped with a robust 2KW cooling capacity at -90°C and a substantial 5KW heating power, the appliance also offers optional program-controlled heating and cooling features for added versatility.
  • Rugged Construction: Made from high-quality cold-rolled steel and SUS304 wire drawing board, the refrigerator stands as a testament to durability plus functionality.
  • Advanced Control System: Navigate through the appliance comfortably with the ASET multifunctional controller. This advanced system offers valuable records of temperature and errors, conveniently exportable in excel format via a U-disk.
  • Dedicated Safety Measures: The equipment employs numerous safety mechanisms, offering protection on multiple fronts, including phase sequence failure, overly cooled unit, high/low pressure switches.
  • Cooling Agents: The refrigerator utilizes a highly potent blend of the R404A, R23, and R14 refrigerants for superior cooling.
  • Customizability: Explore more with options like a high-temperature reach of 150°C, interior door, electric heating vacuum glass observation window, and more, letting you personalize according to your needs.

When you require reliable and high-performing cryogenic refrigeration, there's no better choice than the 2015 GY-A080N Horizontal Industrial Cryogenic Refrigerator - a blend of precision, performance, and safety.

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