BOEN 500ml High Quality PET Emulsion Bottle - Versatile and Customizable

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500ml Premium PET Emulsion Bottle by BOEN

This top-tier PET Emulsion bottle holds a substantial 500ml of product, making it ideal for hand sanitizers and other liquid substances. Composed of robust PET and PP material, it offers unmatched resilience and longevity while resisting chemical damage. The bottle comes with a large, user-friendly cap made from PP material to ensure durability.

  • Material: Superior, chemical-resistant PET and PP for optimum durability.
  • Capacity: High-volume 500ml capacity for increased product lifespan.
  • Customization: Completely customizable, with color and branding printing options available.
  • Certification: Rated and approved by ISO9001 and CE standard regulative bodies.
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500ml High Quality PET Emulsion Bottle with Large Cover by BOEN

BOEN brings you a premium quality 500ml PET Emulsion Bottle. It is expertly crafted for optimal utility and longevity of service, designed to cater to your specific needs efficiently. Made with global standard PET and polypropylene (PP) materials, the bottle is meant to assure maximum utility value.

  • Superior Material: The bottle body is crafted using top-quality PET, a type of plastic recognized for its exceptional strength, flexibility, and impact resistance. This lends the bottle its unbeatable durability.
  • Unrestricted Customization: The 500ml PET Emulsion Bottle is fully customizable to align perfectly with your branding goals. From color selection to labeling designs, you have complete control during customization.
  • Versatile Industrial Use: While primarily a container for hand sanitizers, this bottle's construction and material suitability make it an excellent choice for storing various other types of emulsion.
  • Quality Assured: This product holds ISO9001 and CE certifications, demonstrating compliance with internationally recognized standards of quality.
  • Cap Material: The cap is crafted from top-grade PP material, guaranteeing the best possible product protection and secure storage.
  • Ample Capacity: With a 500ml storage capacity, this bottle provides generous space, ensuring you're consistently well-stocked with hand sanitizer or other emulsion products.
  • Printing Options: For added aesthetics, choose from our silk screen printing or sticker options, crafted for perfect alignment with your brand.

This product is created in our state-of-the-art factory in Zhejiang, China. We pledge quick delivery and sample availability upon request.

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