200 Wp Solar Power System: Durable, Powerful, and Eco-friendly Solution

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The 200 Wp Solar Power System is a robust energy solution for diverse applications, including HF base stations and VHF repeater stations. Optimal performance in remote and off-grid locations is assured by this easy-to-install system.

  • 4x50W Solar Electric Modules: Enables powerful battery charging and versatile use.
  • 10V/10A Charge Controller: Ensures safe and effective battery charging.
  • 2 x 12V/120-125Ah Maintenance-Free Batteries: Provides reliable power storage with an extended lifespan.
  • Battery Box: Safeguarding your investment in battery storage.
  • Durable Metal Support Structure: Endows solar panels with enhanced stability and endurance.
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200 Wp Solar Power System: Your Reliable Eco-Friendly Power Solution

Our robust and all-inclusive 200 Wp Solar Power System enables you to harness the boundless energy from the sun, providing a dependable and renewable energy option for a plethora of applications. From High Frequency (HF) base stations to Very High Frequency (VHF) repeater stations, this solar power system delivers reliable and sustainable power, serving as a premier choice for an array of energy requirements.

Designed for Resilience

Built to endure, our 200 Wp Solar Power System is integrated with four 50W solar modules in a parallel configuration, delivering powerful performance even in the most demanding conditions. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting resilience, allowing you to rely on its exceptional power supply continuously.

Seamless Power Integration

Our solar power system is designed for easy integration with a DC to AC power inverter, providing a reliable power source for AC applications. Whether you require energy for a full-scale radio room or a remote VHF repeater site, this solar power system offers the versatility to meet your needs.

Simple Installation for Maximum Efficiency

Setting up this solar power system is effortless, thanks to the inclusion of all necessary materials such as a heavy-duty metal support structure, cabling, nails, and plugs. The durable aluminum support structure ensures a secure installation, while its optimally angled design maximizes solar energy capture throughout the day.

Earth-Friendly Energy Solution

This 200 Wp Solar Power System is your solution to the growing energy crisis, embodying one of the cleanest, most sustainable energy sources available. Its operation fully aligns with environmental conservation efforts, reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Key Features

  • Comprises 4x50W solar modules for maximum power output.
  • Includes a superior 10V/10A charge controller for optimal power management.
  • Features sturdy, maintenance-free 12V/120-125Ah batteries for reliable performance.
  • Durable aluminum support structure for secure, optimal panel positioning.
  • Complete with all installation materials for a quick, effortless setup.

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