2 BV6111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump: Robust and Versatile Gas and Steam Pumping Solution

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Product: 2 BV6111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump.

  • An efficient and highly versatile solution tailor-made for gas and steam management.
  • Delivers a suction pressure up to 33mbar, perfect for demanding industrial applications.
  • Equipped with a cavitation protection pipe to ensure durability in restricted vacuum conditions.
  • Also functions as a compressor with a pressure threshold of 0.26MPa.
  • Explosion-proof variants available for high-risk and specific needs such as corrosive or cleanliness-focused environments.

This meticulously crafted vacuum pump guarantees top-tier performance and enduring serviceability, making it an indispensable tool in industries requiring effective gas and steam handling.

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2 BV6111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump: Efficient and Highly Versatile for Gas and Steam Pumping

The 2 BV6111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump asserts its mark in the industry as an efficient tool in gas and steam pumping applications. Its greatest advantage lies in its superior suction capability of up to 33mbar (absolute), making it a top choice in diverse gas and steam pumping needs.

This vacuum pump soars above its competitors with a robust cavitation protection pipe for secure long-term operation. Serving dual roles, not only is it an exceptional vacuum pump but also an effective compressor, reaching pressures of up to 0.26MPa(absolute pressure).

Belonging to the esteemed 2BV series, the 2 BV6111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump replaces the SK and 2SK series water ring pumps and W, WY, WL series reciprocated vacuum pumps with its impeccable performance. This pump caters to those dealing with hazardous gases with its 2BV2-Ex, 2BV6 variants.

Adding to its durability, this vacuum pump features a sturdy stainless steel build. It is made from various stainless steel grades including SUS304, SUS316, and SUS316L which equip it with remarkable resistant against corrosion. Its longevity is further prolonged by a solid 2Cr13 or 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti shaft.

The application of premium quality mechanical seals from the renowned John Crane brand fortify this vacuum pump with an unbeatable safety barrier while ensuring reliability.

Key Features:

  • High suction capability of up to 33mbar (absolute)
  • Functions also as a compressor achieving pressure up to 0.26MPa (absolute pressure)
  • Equipped with a cavitation protection pipe for resilience
  • Stainless steel construction providing corrosion-resistant performance
  • Adaptable in explosive and hazardous conditions
  • Quality mechanical seals supplied by the reputable John Crane brand

Extra Details:

  • Output Capacity: 100 units every month
  • Packaging: Each piece is safely packed in a wood container
  • Delivery Period: Around 40 days
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