2 BV5111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump | Advanced Pump for Gases and Steam

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The 2 BV5111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump is a multifaceted tool, expertly designed for gases and steam. This high-performance device can achieve a suction pressure up to 33mbar (abs) or 97% vacuum degree. The pump, constructed from durable stainless steel, includes a cavitation protection pipe for added resilience under harsh conditions. It can also function as a compressor, with a powerful absolute pressure up to 0.26MPa.

  • Dual-functionality: Operates both as a vacuum pump and a compressor
  • High Suction Pressure: Reaches up to 33mbar (abs), equivalent to 97% vacuum degree
  • Sturdy Material: Constructed from stainless steel, withstands corrosive conditions
  • Additional Features: Includes a cavitation protection pipe; offers customizable part options
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2 BV5111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump: Experience High-end Performance with Gases and Steam

Introducing the 2 BV5111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump — a state-of-the-art product that's renowned for solidly built, longevity, dual functionality, and superior performance in extreme operational conditions. Engineered to meet demanding industrial needs, this pump offers magnificent capabilities of reaching a 97% vacuum degree at 33mbar (abs).

  • Solid Construction

    Crafted with carefully selected stainless steel materials, the 2 BV5111 Vacuum Pump boasts a resilient construction, ensuring its durability and long-term use. The shaft material options of 2Cr13 or 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti only further enhance this pump's longevity.

  • Unique Cavitation Protection

    The inclusion of the cavitation protection pipe makes this pump highly suitable for long-term use near a limited vacuum, thereby reducing wear and tear and boosting operational efficiency.

  • Versatile Dual Functionality

    The 2 BV5111 does not just function as a pump but also doubles up as a compressor with excellent pressure reach up to 0.26MPa (absolute pressure). This dual functionality offers incredible versatility across a range of applications.

  • Supreme Compatibility

    An ideal substitute for SK and 2SK series water ring pumps and W, WY, WL series reciprocated vacuum pumps, this product offers seamless replacement options and fits effortlessly within existing setups.

  • Outstanding Safety Features

    The 2BV2-Ex, 2BV6 series pump models are specially designed for operations in flammable and explosive environments, offering unrivaled safety when pumping explosive gases.

  • Resilient in Corrosive Conditions

    The 2BV series stainless steel pumps are available in corrosive-proof variations, remarkably enhancing their durability in various challenging environments without compromising their efficiency

  • Robust Seals

    Equipped with high-quality mechanical seals from John Crane in optional FPM or PTFE materials, makes a secure, leak-free operation possible without undermining the performance.

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