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Premium 13ml Plastic Syringe for Effective Cow Mastitis Treatment

This 13ml Plastic Syringe is designed specifically for the treatment of mastitis in cows. Made from sturdy non-toxic PE with a 13.8g weight, this syringe ensures safety and ease of handling. Its design includes a narrow tip for precise medication delivery and a 102mm tube height for comfortable use. Adhering to GMP standards and EC sterilization procedures guarantees the premium quality of the product. It is available in different color options for medication differentiation, and clear labeling is guaranteed through hot transfer printing.

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Premium 13ml Plastic Syringe for Effective Cow Mastitis Treatment

Premium 13ml Plastic Syringe

Boost the health and productivity of your livestock with our exemplary 13ml Plastic Syringe, a top-quality solution for precision in mastitis treatment. Constructed from resilient and safe PE material, this superior syringe promises accurate, effective medication delivery, helping inhibit the spread of infection and fostering faster recovery.

Product Specifications:

  • Premium Volume: 13ml
  • Tube Height: 102mm for superior capacity
  • Lightweight: Weighs just 13.8g for comfortable handling
  • Robust Material: Quality PE construction for durability and safety
  • Cap Design: Narrow tip for precise, targeted medication delivery
  • Printing Technique: Hot transfer ensuring clear, long-lasting labeling
  • Certifications: Quality and safety you can trust with ISO9001:2008, DMF, CE certifications in place

Key Features:

  • Variety: Available in narrow and wide tip variants to cater to diverse treatment requirements
  • Flexibility: Options for both partial and full insertion, ensuring varied treatment needs are met with latitude
  • Color Options: Supplied in different colors for simple identification easing your livestock management glean
  • Quality Standards: Manufactured adhering to GMP guidelines, delivering unrivaled quality
  • Sterility: Subject to EO sterilization for maximal sanitation, ensuring animal welfare and hygiene
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