130 Wp Complete Solar Power System – Unmatched Efficiency & Reliability in Renewable Energy

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130 Wp Complete Solar Power System: Your Reliable & Efficient Energy Solution

  • Consistent Power Output: Ideal for remote settings, offering a steady electricity source
  • High-Performance Solar Module: Employs 130 Watt NAPS solar module, maximizing solar energy capture
  • Secure Storage System: Featuring a ventilated, safety-equipped battery box
  • Efficient Energy Storage: 12 V/115Ah sealed gel-cell battery for superior power retention
  • Integrated Charging System: Incorporates charger controller and battery cable fortified with a 20Amp fuse
  • Comprehensive Package: Includes all mandatory installation elements
  • Compact and Convenient: Designed for easy transport and storage
  • Versatile Application: Caters to a broad range of power requirements
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Step into the future of renewable energy with the 130 Wp Complete Solar Power System. This comprehensive power solution is capable of powering a variety of electronic devices, making it an ideal choice for both small-scale to robust applications - such as radio base stations and heavy-duty repeaters - with unmatched power, reliability, and efficiency.

The 130 Wp Complete Solar Power System is comprised of several key components:

  • A robust 130 Watt NAPS solar module at the heart of the system, capable of effectively converting sunlight into electricity.
  • A module support structure providing stability and ensuring optimal orientation towards the sun.
  • A ventilated battery box complete with a cover that houses a 12V/115Ah sealed gel-cell battery, storing the energy generated by the system.
  • A charger controller for system performance enhancement, preventing battery overcharge and depletion.
  • A battery cable integrated with a 20Amp fuse for added safety along with all necessary accessories such as cables and strips to ensure a seamless installation process.

Despite its expansive capabilities, the system effortlessly packs into a compact frame of an estimated weight of 90kg and an estimated volume of 0.5m3. By providing dependable, uninterrupted power in various conditions, the 130 Wp Complete Solar Power System stands as a new standard for reliability and efficiency in renewable energy solutions.

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