10KW 60Hz 3P Solar System with Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid Technology | Top-Tier Renewable Energy Solution

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Offering the innovative 10KW 60Hz 3P Solar System with Photo Voltaic Diesel Hybrid Technology, which ensures superior efficiency up to a load of 10 kW. This green energy solution combines 54 thoroughly efficient, 280W monocrystalline Photo Voltaic panels with a leading inverter and deep cycle discharge batteries.

  • Core Components: 54 pieces of 280W monocrystalline PV panels, advanced inverter, and True Deep Cycle Discharge Batteries
  • High Performance: Offers high reliability and sustainability, suitable for both off-grid and on-grid applications
  • Flexibility: Compatible with both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, scalable to meet increased power needs
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Revolutionizing Solar Power Generation: The 10KW 60Hz 3P Solar System with Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid Technology

Standing at the forefront of eco-friendly energy solutions, the 10KW, 60Hz 3P Solar System with Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid Technology strives for the peak level of efficiency and reliability. This system, specifically engineered to deliver a load capacity of 10KW, marks a significant stride in sustainable energy that meets your future energy requirements with unrivaled precision.

Diverse Applications — on and Off the Grid

Perfectly suited for both on-grid and off-grid applications, this stellar hybrid configuration opens doors to an array of possibilities. Compatibility with a range of battery types tailors it to a broader scope of requirements.

Supreme Quality Components for Exemplary Performance

  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels: The components include 54 pieces of robust 280W monocrystalline panels, engineered for a stunning maximum system voltage of 31.7V for optimized power conversion.
  • Inverter: Our cutting-edge inverter with a formidable DC power of 15330W set the bar high for energy conversion. It withstands temperatures ranging from -25 to 60 degrees Celsius, driving efficient solar-energy-electrical-energy translation.
  • Battery: Each system houses reliable True Deep Cycle Discharge Batteries with an impressive unit capacity of 2V 1600 Ah, promising longevity and high efficiency even under regular deep discharges.

Reap the Benefits of Advanced Solar Power Technologies

  • Experience remarkable efficiency with our systems, designed to provide maximum output and excellent utilization of your solar setup.
  • The unique photovoltaic diesel hybrid technology accommodates both off-grid and on-grid operations, offering versatile usage to suit your specific needs.
  • With compatibility with different battery types, including both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, we facilitate choice and enhanced performance - all in one.
  • Easy adaptability and expansion capablities enable the system to accommodate future demands effortlessly.

Upgrade Your Green Energy Generation Today!

Commit to a future of sustainable and efficient energy with our 10KW 60Hz 3P Solar System with Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid Technology. Transitioning to green energy has never been easier or more reliable.

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