Efficient Fermentation with High-Quality 10BGZ In Suit Sterilized Fermenter

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10BGZ In Suit Sterilized Fermenter

High-performing 10BGZ In Suit Sterilized Fermenter crafted for optimal fermentation practices in labs and industries. Scaled to manage fermentation volumes of up to 7 liters.

  • Vessel Material: Manufactured from hard-wearing borosilicate and stainless steel (316L) compounds, ensuring easy autoclavable sterilization.
  • Stirrer: Fitted with a solid stirrer shaft driven by an AC motor for enhanced mixing performance.
  • Thermal Circuit: Supplied with an electrical heating jacket for precise temperature control throughout fermentation.
  • Peristaltic Pumps and Control System: Entails 4 peristaltic pumps and an automated control system for flawless fermentation parameter control.
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Unparalleled Performance with High-Quality 10BGZ In Suit Sterilized Fermenter

Experience industry-leading efficiency with the High-Quality 10BGZ In Suit Sterilized Fermenter designed for top-notch fermentation processes. This premium bioprocessing instrument provides unparalleled precision, consistency, and reliability, catered to meet your complex fermentation needs.

  • Constructed with a generous 10L total volume and a 7L working volume, the 10BGZ In-Suit Sterilized Fermenter ensures optimum processing capacity.
  • Known for its robust structure, the 10BGZ fermenter is built with high-quality borosilicate and 316L stainless steel, promoting superior durability and sterility.
  • With an autoclavable attribute, this fermenter provides superb resistance to high-pressure steam sterilization.
  • Operate with ease using the AC motor-driven stirrer with an adjustable speed function, accommodating a variety of fermentation requirements.
  • Integrated with a magnetic drive, the fermenter includes a sturdy stirrer shaft with dual 6-blade disk impellers and a foam breaker for efficient stirring.
  • The fermenter's thermal circuit supports electrical heating in the jacket and automated controls to maintain temperature between (cooling water 5°C)~50°C±0.2°C.
  • The system boasts four assignable peristaltic pumps ideal for acid/alkali, anti-foam, and nutrient feeding operations.
  • Each pump is equipped with perforation needles and silicone hoses for manual or automatic control.
  • Achieve a pristine and germ-free environment during processing via in situ system sterilization with external steam.
  • Personalize operations with advanced control system options (BIOTECH-7000, BIOTEACH-9000), ensuring intuitive usability.

The 10BGZ In Suit Sterilized fermenter promotes unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability for your fermentation process. Experience top-tier results with this essential bioprocessing equipment.

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