100Wp Solar Power System | Comprehensive Solar Energy Solution

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Robust 100Wp Solar Power System: An Advanced Solar Solution

Our 100Wp Solar Power System is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly power source designed to cater to strenuous applications. It’s a one-stop solution for resilient, maintenance-free operations.

  • Total power output of 100Wp from two 50Wp solar panels.
  • A robust, well-ventilated battery box ensures maximum safety.
  • Incorporates a 12V/120-125Ah sealed gel battery for seamless operations.
  • Additional installation kit providing cables, connectors, and a manual for easy installation.

Upgrade the system as per your requirements with our optional add-ons. For further assistance, contact our customer service.

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100Wp Solar Power System: Your Powerhouse of Solar Energy for Limitless Applications

Marrying innovation with utility, we bring to you our 100Wp Solar Power System. Enabling control over high-frequency voice stations and VHF base stations among many, this powerhouse caters to your high-powered applications with seamless efficiency. Our solar power system is uniquely crafted to handle even AC applications, making it your versatile choice for numerous requirements.

Highlights of the 100Wp Solar Power System:

  • Substantial Power: Our system is designed with two 50Wp solar modules that together provide a whopping 100Wp of cumulative power output, catering to your energy needs efficiently.
  • Resilient Battery: The system is accompanied by a sealed, maintenance-free 120Ah-125Ah/12V gel battery for extended operational hours, ensuring the system's commendable longevity.
  • Safety Ensured: A unique ventilated battery box that is lockable ensures that your system is not only safe but also secure.
  • Effortless Installation: The package comes replete with necessary installation materials, including cables, connectors, cable-clips along with an elaborate installation manual for a hassle-free setup.

The 100Wp Solar Power System package contains:

  • Two solar electric modules providing ample power.
  • A charge regulator, ensuring efficient battery management and shielding the battery from possible overcharging.
  • A maintenance-free, sealed gel battery for ensuring continuous operational hours.
  • A lockable, ventilated battery box for ensuring the system's safety and longevity.
  • A support structure for solar panels.
  • All essential installation materials for enabling a straightforward setup.

The solar power system is shipped in a robust custom plywood crate, promising a safe delivery of your product. The provided batteries are air-freight approved, but we recommend opting for sea freight for a more environmentally-conscious alternative. For enhanced power requirements, additional batteries can be acquired separately. For larger power needs, we offer our 200Wp Complete Solar Power System, ensuring efficiency is met without a compromise.

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