Advanced Glass Reaction Kettle: Precision & Efficiency Combined

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Enhance your operation’s efficiency and precision with the Advanced Glass Reaction Kettle. Key features include:

  • Perfect for fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, and new material synthesis, proving versatility in diverse industries.
  • Built with G3.3 borosilicate glass, known for its excellent chemical and physical properties.
  • Equipped with a high precision alloy steel mechanical seal and a PTFE connection port for durable and safe operation.
  • Incorporates a Pt100 sensor probe for accurate temperature measurement.
  • Fitted with a noiseless Japan technology AC gear reducer motor.
  • Providing capacities from 1L to 50L, catering to varying needs.

Your ideal solution for efficient and reliable chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

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Superior Performance Glass Reactor Kettle For Precise Laboratory Procedures

Discover innovative technology that's primed to revolutionize your lab operations with this state-of-the-art Glass Reaction Kettle. Expertly designed with a pioneering double glass framework, this glass reactor allows precise temperature regulation and efficient stirring reactions within its skillfully engineered inner layer.

Innovative Features

  • Outfitted with a cutting-edge dual glass design that allows stirring reactions in the internal layer, this reactor is a must-have for superior temperature precision.
  • Its superior construction embraces ultra-sealed compartmentalization, enabling stirring reactions under both regular and negative pressure for ultimate production adaptability.
  • Identified as an essential tool for trial testing and manufacturing processes in advanced industries like bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials synthesis, and fine chemicals.
  • Made from highly resilient G3.3 borosilicate glass, this product excels in offering unmatched physical and chemical properties, including impressive thermal resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Provides exceptional precision sealing thanks to the alloy steel mechanical seal and PTFE ports, ensuring flawless operation and performance.
  • The equipped Pt100 sensor probe offers accurate temperature readings, thus guaranteeing formulation consistency and repeatability.
  • Features a noiseless operation with its advanced AC gear reducer motor for powerful torsion. This robust Japanese technology is incorporated to ensure smooth operations.
  • The reactor comes with double PTFE stirring paddles, making it perfect for stirring and mixing liquids of varying viscosities.
  • It includes a PTFE discharge valve and an adjustable connection port for quick and thorough material discharge, enhancing its operational efficiency.

With this elegant Glass Reaction Kettle, achieve unbeatable precision, reliability, and efficiency for your laboratory procedures. Change the way you manage your lab activities and experience unparalleled performance.

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