(u00b1)-Taxifolin Hydrate: Powerful Antioxidant with Diverse Applications

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  • (±)-Taxifolin Hydrate: A powerful antioxidant flavonoid with diverse applications.
  • CAS Number: 24198-97-8
  • Synonyms: 3,3≤,4≤,5,7-Pentahydroxydihydroflavone Hydrate, Dihydroquercetin Hydrate
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(u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate, also known as 3,3',4',5,7-Pentahydroxydihydroflavone Hydrate or Dihydroquercetin Hydrate, is an antioxidant flavonoid with numerous beneficial properties. This powerful antioxidant exhibits potent antioxidant activity, effectively scavenging superoxide and protecting cells from oxidative stress. It also suppresses the cytotoxicity of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, providing cellular protection.

This compound finds applications in diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages, due to its versatile nature. (u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate is widely used for its multifunctional applications.

When it comes to ensuring optimum purity and consistent results, (u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate is available in a highly pure form. Its high purity makes it an ideal choice for various industries.

(u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate has multiple synonyms such as 3,3',4',5,7-Pentahydroxyflavanone hydrate or Dihydroquercetin hydrate. These synonyms provide flexibility in referring to the compound.

The CAS number for (u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate is 24198-97-8, which ensures accurate identification and traceability. This CAS number adds value to its usage in different industries.

For safe handling and usage, detailed material safety data sheets (MSDS) can be found for this product under the code -580553. These MSDS sheets provide essential information and guidelines for safe usage.

To gain further insights into the applications and properties of (u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate, explore related peer-reviewed papers and technical documents. These resources can provide valuable information for research and development purposes.

For specific applications, there are similar products and alternatives that can complement or substitute (u00b1)-Taxifolin hydrate. Discovering these alternatives can help in choosing the most suitable product for varying requirements.

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