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REF #: 3D-CBD16112
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Ppardelta agonist 1

Unlock the power of Ppardelta agonist 1, a captivating peptide that acts as an agonist for the Ppardelta receptor. This remarkable compound, with the CAS number 1902161-12-9, boasts a molecular weight of 433.5 g/mol and a purity of at least 95%. When activated, the Ppardelta receptor triggers the activation of adenylyl cyclase, a crucial signaling pathway. Explore the versatile potential of this peptide, which has been shown to inhibit voltage-gated sodium channels in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons. Elevate your research with this exceptional biochemical, crafted to deliver consistent performance and reliable results. Embrace the depth and complexity of Ppardelta agonist 1 and unlock new frontiers in your scientific endeavors.

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Ppardelta agonist 1

Unlock the power of Ppardelta agonist 1, a versatile peptide compound that holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in scientific research and discovery. This remarkable molecule, identified by the CAS number 1902161-12-9, is a potent agonist of the Ppardelta receptor, a G protein-coupled receptor that plays a crucial role in regulating a wide range of physiological processes.

At the heart of Ppardelta agonist 1's allure lies its ability to modulate the activity of the Ppardelta receptor, which is known to be involved in the activation of adenylyl cyclase. This cascade of events ultimately leads to the regulation of various cellular functions, making Ppardelta agonist 1 a valuable tool for researchers exploring the intricate mechanisms underlying human health and disease.

One of the key applications of Ppardelta agonist 1 lies in its potential to inhibit voltage-gated sodium channels in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons. This property holds promise for the development of novel pain management strategies, as the modulation of these channels can contribute to the alleviation of neuropathic pain and other related conditions. By delving into the nuanced interplay between Ppardelta agonist 1 and the nervous system, researchers can unlock new avenues for therapeutic interventions, offering hope to those suffering from debilitating pain.

Beyond its analgesic potential, Ppardelta agonist 1 also finds applications in the broader realm of biochemical and pharmaceutical research. Its unique chemical structure, characterized by a molecular weight of 433.5 g/mol and a molecular formula of C26H27NO5, allows for its seamless integration into a wide range of experimental protocols and synthetic pathways. Whether you're exploring new drug candidates, investigating cellular signaling cascades, or developing advanced materials, Ppardelta agonist 1 can be a valuable addition to your research arsenal.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this peptide compound boasts a purity of at least 95%, ensuring reliable and consistent results in your experiments. Its exceptional quality, combined with its versatile applications, makes Ppardelta agonist 1 an indispensable tool for researchers and scientists seeking to push the boundaries of scientific understanding.

Embark on your journey of discovery with Ppardelta agonist 1 by your side. Unlock the potential of this remarkable compound and uncover new insights that can shape the future of scientific progress. Whether you're working in the realm of pharmaceuticals, neuroscience, or beyond, Ppardelta agonist 1 stands ready to be your trusted partner in unlocking the secrets of the natural world.

Product Features

  • Potent agonist of the Ppardelta receptor, a G protein-coupled receptor
  • Inhibits voltage-gated sodium channels in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons
  • Molecular weight: 433.5 g/mol
  • Molecular formula: C26H27NO5
  • Purity: Minimum 95%
  • Versatile applications in biochemical and pharmaceutical research
  • Exceptional quality and consistency for reliable experimental results

Product Specification

  • CAS Number: 1902161-12-9
  • Reference Number: 3D-CBD16112
  • Molecular Weight: 433.5 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: C26H27NO5
  • Purity: Minimum 95%

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  • Formula: C26H27NO5
  • Molecular weight: 433.5 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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