N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide -

REF #: 3D-ABD16474
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Discover the exceptional versatility of N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide, a high-purity chemical compound with a molecular weight of 310.4 g/mol and a formula of C19H22N2O2. This premium-quality product, identified by the CAS number 1900164-74-0 and Ref # 3D-ABD16474, offers a unique blend of properties that make it an invaluable asset in your chemical endeavors.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this compound boasts a minimum purity of 95%, ensuring reliable and consistent results in your experiments. Its diverse applications span a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to materials science, making it a versatile tool for innovative research and development. Unlock the potential of this exceptional chemical and elevate your projects to new heights of success.

  • Molecular Weight: 310.4 g/mol
  • Formula: C19H22N2O2
  • Purity: Min. 95%
  • HS Code: 2924297099
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Unlock the versatile potential of N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide, a highly specialized chemical compound with a unique molecular structure and a wide range of applications. This meticulously crafted compound, identified by the CAS number 1900164-74-0, is a valuable asset for researchers and scientists working in diverse fields, from pharmaceutical development to material science innovations.

At the heart of this compound lies a propanediamide backbone, flanked by two 3,5-dimethylphenyl substituents. This distinctive arrangement of functional groups endows N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide with exceptional properties, making it a sought-after tool in the world of scientific exploration and discovery.

Pharmaceutical Research: Unlocking New Possibilities

In the realm of pharmaceutical research, N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide serves as a versatile building block in the synthesis of innovative drug candidates. Its unique chemical structure allows for the development of targeted therapies that address a wide spectrum of health conditions, from neurological disorders to metabolic diseases. Researchers can leverage the compound's reactivity and selectivity to create novel pharmaceutical compounds with enhanced efficacy and improved pharmacological profiles.

The compound's potential extends beyond the pharmaceutical industry, as it also finds applications in the agrochemical sector. Its distinct molecular architecture contributes to the formulation of advanced crop protection agents, helping to safeguard crops and increase yields while minimizing environmental impact.

Material Science Innovations: Tailoring Properties

In the field of material science, N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide shines as a valuable tool for researchers seeking to develop novel materials with tailored properties. Its versatile nature allows for the creation of substances with enhanced mechanical strength, thermal stability, or optical characteristics, opening up new avenues for technological advancements.

Whether you're exploring the synthesis of innovative pharmaceuticals, designing cutting-edge agrochemicals, or engineering advanced materials, N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide offers a wealth of possibilities. Its unique combination of chemical properties and purity, as evidenced by its minimum 95% purity, make it a reliable and indispensable resource for your research endeavors.

Technical Specifications

  • Molecular Weight: 310.4 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: C19H22N2O2
  • Purity: Minimum 95%
  • HS Code: 2924297099

Handling and Storage

To ensure the optimal stability and purity of N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide, it is recommended to store the compound in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated environment. Proper handling protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment, should be followed to minimize any potential risks during experimentation or synthesis.

For more detailed information on the technical specifications, safety guidelines, and potential applications of N,N'-Bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)propanediamide, please consult the technical inquiry form on the product page. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the comprehensive support and resources you need to unlock the full potential of this versatile chemical compound.

  • Formula: C19H22N2O2
  • Hs code: 2924297099
  • Molecular weight: 310.4 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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