Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) - 500mg

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Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl)

Discover the exceptional quality of Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl), a versatile chemical compound with a molecular weight of 330.4 g/mol and a purity of at least 95%. This unique compound, bearing the CAS number 1909333-78-3, offers a wealth of potential applications in your research and development endeavors. Crafted with precision, it boasts a distinct formula, C21H18N2O2, that unlocks new avenues for innovative synthesis and experimentation. Unlock the full potential of this premium-grade chemical by inquiring about its availability, pricing, and delivery details through the technical inquiry form on this page.
Embrace the power of Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl), and elevate your projects to new heights of success.

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Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl)

Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl), with the CAS number 1909333-78-3, is a highly specialized and pure chemical compound that holds immense potential for researchers and scientists across various fields. This unique Ethanediamide derivative boasts a distinct molecular structure, making it a valuable asset in the pursuit of scientific advancements.

At the heart of this compound lies a biphenyl core, flanked by a phenylmethyl group and a second ethanediamide moiety. This intricate arrangement of functional groups and aromatic rings endows Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) with a diverse range of chemical properties, opening up a world of possibilities for its application in cutting-edge research and development.

Pharmaceutical Research and Development

In the realm of pharmaceutical research, this compound serves as a versatile building block for the synthesis of novel drug candidates. Its unique structural features can be leveraged to design and develop innovative therapeutics targeting a wide spectrum of health conditions, from neurological disorders to metabolic diseases. Researchers can harness the compound's reactivity and selectivity to explore new avenues in drug discovery, potentially leading to breakthroughs that improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

The biphenyl and ethanediamide functionalities within Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) offer a versatile platform for chemical modifications and derivatization. This flexibility allows scientists to fine-tune the compound's properties, such as solubility, bioavailability, and target specificity, in order to optimize its pharmaceutical potential.

Agrochemical Innovations

Beyond the pharmaceutical realm, Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) also finds applications in the agrochemical industry. Its distinct molecular structure can be leveraged in the development of advanced crop protection agents, such as pesticides and herbicides. The compound's unique characteristics can contribute to the formulation of more potent, selective, and environmentally friendly agrochemicals, ultimately enhancing crop yields and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

The biphenyl and ethanediamide functionalities within this compound can be strategically incorporated into the design of novel agrochemical compounds, enabling researchers to explore new avenues for improving crop health, pest management, and overall agricultural productivity.

Chemical Synthesis and Material Science

Beyond its pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications, Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) also finds utility in the broader realm of chemical synthesis and material science. Its versatile structure and chemical properties make it a valuable reagent and building block for the creation of a wide range of novel compounds and materials.

In the field of material science, researchers may explore the integration of Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) into the development of advanced polymers, coatings, or other functional materials. The compound's unique characteristics, such as its thermal stability or optical properties, can be leveraged to engineer materials with enhanced performance, opening up new possibilities in areas like electronics, optoelectronics, and beyond.

Technical Specifications and Handling

Ethanediamide, N1-[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl-N2-(phenylmethyl) boasts a molecular weight of 330.4 g/mol and a chemical formula of C21H18N2O2. Its purity is meticulously maintained at a minimum of 95%, ensuring reliable and consistent results in research and development applications.

When handling this compound, it is essential to follow standard laboratory safety protocols.

  • Formula: C21H18N2O2
  • Hs code: 2924297099
  • Mdl: MFCD32708548
  • Molecular weight: 330.4 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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