Amineptine Methyl Ester - 10mg

REF #: 4Z-A-358002
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Amineptine Methyl Ester

Discover the exceptional Amineptine Methyl Ester, a versatile compound with a molecular weight of 351.49g/mol and a chemical formula of C23H29NO2. This high-purity product, identified by the CAS number 1174537-11-1 and Ref # 4Z-A-358002, offers a unique blend of properties that make it an invaluable tool for researchers and scientists. Harness the power of this compound in your laboratory, where it can serve as a crucial building block for a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical development to advanced synthesis. Unlock the potential of this exceptional chemical and elevate your research to new heights.

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Amineptine Methyl Ester

Amineptine Methyl Ester, with the CAS number 1174537-11-1 and the reference number 4Z-A-358002, is a highly specialized chemical compound that holds immense potential for researchers and scientists working in the realm of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. This versatile molecule, with its unique structural features, offers a wealth of opportunities for exploration and innovation.

Molecular Characteristics

Amineptine Methyl Ester is a complex organic compound with a molecular formula of C23H29NO2 and a molecular weight of 351.49 g/mol. Its distinct chemical structure, which includes a methyl ester group and various other functional moieties, endows it with a range of reactivity and potential applications.
This compound's purity and quality are of the utmost importance, ensuring reliable and consistent results in research and development endeavors. Its well-defined physical and chemical properties make it a valuable asset for scientists seeking to push the boundaries of their respective fields.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Amineptine Methyl Ester holds immense promise in the realm of pharmaceutical research and development. Its unique molecular architecture can serve as a versatile building block or starting material in the synthesis of novel drug candidates. Researchers may explore the compound's potential to target a wide range of therapeutic areas, from neurological disorders to metabolic conditions, by leveraging its distinct chemical reactivity and selectivity.
The compound's ability to participate in various synthetic transformations allows for the creation of innovative pharmaceutical compounds with enhanced pharmacological profiles, improved efficacy, and reduced side effects. By delving into the intricate relationships between structure and biological activity, scientists can unlock new avenues for therapeutic interventions.

Analytical and Synthetic Applications

Beyond its pharmaceutical applications, Amineptine Methyl Ester also finds utility in the broader field of chemical synthesis. Its reactivity and selectivity make it a valuable reagent or intermediate in the construction of complex organic molecules with tailored properties. Researchers in material science, agrochemicals, and other related disciplines may harness the compound's versatility to develop novel materials, crop protection agents, or other specialized compounds.
The compound's unique structural features and analytical data, such as its molecular weight and formula, provide researchers with a well-defined starting point for their investigations. This information can be leveraged to design and execute targeted experiments, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in various scientific domains.

Safety and Handling

It is important to note that Amineptine Methyl Ester is intended for laboratory use only and is not meant for human consumption. Appropriate safety precautions should be taken when handling this compound, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and working in a well-ventilated area. Researchers should consult relevant safety data sheets and follow established protocols to ensure the safe and responsible use of this chemical.


Amineptine Methyl Ester, with its exceptional purity and well-defined molecular characteristics, stands as a versatile and valuable tool for researchers and scientists across various fields. Its potential applications in pharmaceutical development, chemical synthesis, and beyond offer exciting opportunities for innovation and discovery. By leveraging the unique properties of this compound, researchers can push the boundaries of their respective disciplines, contributing to advancements that have the power to positively impact lives and transform our understanding of the world around us.

  • Formula: C23H29NO2
  • Molecular weight: 351.49
  • Notes: This product is intended for laboratory use only, and it is not meant for human consumption.
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