4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole -

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Discover the exceptional versatility of 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole, a premium-quality chemical compound with a CAS number of 1900755-67-0. This high-purity (Min. 95%) molecule, weighing 306.14 g/mol, offers a unique blend of reactivity and stability, making it a valuable asset for your advanced research and development projects. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this compound's distinct molecular structure, featuring a tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl group, opens up a world of possibilities in the fields of organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates, and beyond. Unlock the potential of this exceptional building block and elevate your experiments to new heights of precision and performance.

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Unlock the versatile potential of 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole, a meticulously crafted chemical compound that holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in scientific research and development. This highly pure and specialized molecule, identified by its CAS number 1900755-67-0, is a valuable asset for researchers and chemists seeking to explore the boundless possibilities of pyrazole-based compounds.

At the heart of this compound lies a unique molecular structure, featuring a pyrazole core adorned with strategic iodo and dimethyl substituents, as well as a tetrahydropyran moiety. This intricate design endows 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole with a remarkable array of chemical properties, making it a versatile tool in the hands of innovative scientists.

Pharmaceutical Research: Unlocking New Therapeutic Avenues

In the dynamic realm of pharmaceutical research, this compound shines as a valuable building block for the synthesis of novel drug candidates. Its pyrazole scaffold, coupled with the strategic placement of the iodo and dimethyl groups, allows for the development of targeted therapeutics addressing a wide spectrum of health conditions. Researchers can harness the compound's inherent reactivity and selectivity to create innovative molecules with enhanced pharmacological profiles, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field of medicine.

Agrochemical Innovation: Cultivating a Greener Future

Beyond the pharmaceutical domain, 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole also finds its niche in the agrochemical industry. Its unique chemical structure can be leveraged to synthesize advanced crop protection agents, such as potent and selective pesticides. By incorporating this compound into the development of these specialized agrochemicals, researchers can contribute to the creation of more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions, ultimately enhancing agricultural productivity and safeguarding our natural ecosystems.

Chemical Synthesis: Unlocking Molecular Diversity

In the realm of chemical synthesis, 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole serves as a versatile building block, enabling the creation of a vast array of novel compounds. Its reactive functional groups and distinct structural features make it a valuable reagent in organic synthesis, allowing researchers to explore uncharted territories and push the boundaries of molecular diversity. From the development of advanced materials to the synthesis of complex organic molecules, this compound's versatility knows no bounds.

Technical Specifications and Handling

  • Molecular Formula: C10H15IN2O
  • Molecular Weight: 306.14 g/mol
  • Purity: Minimum 95%
  • HS Code: 2934999090

To ensure the optimal performance and stability of 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole, it is essential to handle the compound with care and store it under appropriate conditions. Consult the detailed product information and safety guidelines provided to maintain the integrity of this valuable chemical asset.

Unlock the Potential: Explore the Possibilities

Embark on your next groundbreaking research journey with 4-Iodo-3,5-dimethyl-1-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole as your trusted companion

  • Formula: C10H15IN2O
  • Hs code: 2934999090
  • Molecular weight: 306.14 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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