4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride - 1g

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4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride

Discover the exceptional quality of 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride, a versatile chemical compound with a molecular weight of 182.05 g/mol and a purity of at least 95%. This high-performance product, identified by the CAS number 1909336-62-4 and Ref # 3D-JBD33662, offers a unique blend of chemical properties that make it an invaluable asset for your research and development needs. Explore the depth of its potential and unlock new possibilities in your laboratory endeavors. For more detailed information, including pricing and delivery, please inquire through the technical inquiry form on this page.

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4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride

Unlock the versatile potential of 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride, a meticulously crafted chemical compound that holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in scientific research and development. This highly pure and specialized molecule, identified by its CAS number 1909336-62-4, is a valuable asset for researchers and chemists seeking to explore the boundless possibilities of pyrazole-based compounds.

With a molecular weight of 182.05 g/mol and a chemical formula of C5H9Cl2N3, this compound boasts a purity of at least 95%, ensuring reliable and consistent results in your experiments. Its unique structural features, including the presence of a chloro group and two methyl substituents on the pyrazole ring, endow it with distinct chemical properties that make it a versatile tool in various scientific domains.

Pharmaceutical Research: Unlocking New Therapeutic Avenues

In the realm of pharmaceutical research, 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride serves as a crucial building block in the synthesis of innovative drug candidates. Its pyrazole core, combined with the strategic placement of the chloro and methyl groups, allows for the development of compounds with enhanced pharmacological profiles, targeting a wide range of health conditions. Researchers can leverage the versatility of this compound to explore new therapeutic possibilities, pushing the boundaries of modern medicine.

Agrochemical Innovation: Cultivating a Greener Future

The agricultural industry also benefits from the unique properties of 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride. This compound finds application in the synthesis of advanced crop protection agents, such as pesticides and herbicides. Its distinct molecular structure contributes to the development of more potent and selective agrochemicals, helping to safeguard crops, increase yields, and promote sustainable farming practices.

Chemical Synthesis: Unlocking Molecular Diversity

Beyond the realms of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, this versatile compound is a valuable tool in the hands of chemists and material scientists. Its unique chemical properties make it a versatile reagent, enabling the synthesis of a wide range of novel compounds with tailored characteristics. From the development of new materials with enhanced performance to the exploration of unexplored chemical space, 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride is a catalyst for innovation.

Technical Specifications and Handling

  • Molecular Weight: 182.05 g/mol
  • Chemical Formula: C5H9Cl2N3
  • Purity: Minimum 95%
  • MDL Number: MFCD28989831

To ensure the optimal performance and stability of 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride, it is essential to handle the compound with care and store it under appropriate conditions. Consult the technical inquiry form on the product page for detailed information on storage requirements, safety guidelines, and any relevant hazard information.

Unlock the Potential: Explore the Possibilities

Embark on your next groundbreaking research project with the power of 4-Chloro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-5-amine hydrochloride at your fingertips. Discover the endless possibilities this versatile compound holds, from revolutionizing pharmaceutical development to driving advancements in agrochemicals and material science. Unlock the full potential of this remarkable chemical and let it be the catalyst for your next scientific breakthrough.

  • Formula: C5H9Cl2N3
  • Mdl: MFCD28989831
  • Molecular weight: 182.05 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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