2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride - 25mg

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2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride

Unlock the versatile potential of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride, a premium chemical compound with a molecular weight of 193.74 g/mol and a purity of at least 95%. This captivating molecule, bearing the CAS number 1909325-47-8, offers a unique blend of chemical properties that make it an invaluable asset for researchers and scientists. Delve into the intricacies of this spirocyclic structure, where a sulfur atom and a nitrogen atom are seamlessly integrated, creating a compound that is both intriguing and highly functional. Explore the endless possibilities this exceptional chemical holds, from pharmaceutical development to advanced materials synthesis. Embrace the power of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride and unlock new frontiers in your scientific endeavors.

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2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride

Unlock the captivating world of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride, a meticulously crafted chemical compound that holds immense potential for scientific exploration and innovation. With its unique molecular structure and exceptional purity, this versatile compound is poised to become a valuable asset in the realms of pharmaceutical research, chemical synthesis, and beyond.

At the heart of this compound lies a captivating chemical identity. Boasting a molecular formula of C8H16ClNS and a molecular weight of 193.74 g/mol, 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride is a highly purified substance, with a purity of at least 95%. Its distinct MDL number, MFCD29047462, serves as a unique identifier, allowing researchers to easily access detailed information and technical specifications.

Unlocking the Potential

The true power of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride lies in its diverse applications, each offering a glimpse into the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to explore its potential.

In the realm of pharmaceutical research, this compound serves as a crucial building block in the synthesis of innovative drug candidates. Its unique chemical structure and properties enable researchers to develop targeted therapies, addressing a wide range of health conditions and disorders. By harnessing the versatility of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride, scientists can push the boundaries of modern medicine, unlocking new avenues for improved patient outcomes.

Beyond the pharmaceutical industry, this compound also finds its place in the realm of chemical synthesis. Its reactive nature and selective properties make it a valuable reagent, allowing chemists to create novel materials and compounds with tailored characteristics. From enhanced stability to improved performance, the applications of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride extend far beyond the confines of a single discipline, opening doors to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

At the heart of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride's success lies a steadfast commitment to quality and safety. With a minimum purity of 95%, this compound is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring reliable and consistent results in research and development projects.

While specific hazard information is yet to be confirmed, it is essential to handle this compound with the utmost care and diligence. Adhering to standard laboratory safety protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment and proper ventilation, is crucial to safeguard both the researcher and the integrity of the compound.

For optimal storage and longevity, 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated area, with the container tightly sealed. By following these guidelines, researchers can maintain the compound's stability and purity, unlocking its full potential for years to come.

Unlocking the Future

As you delve into the captivating world of 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride, you'll find a wealth of resources and support to guide your journey. Consult the technical inquiry form on this page to access detailed product information, including pricing, delivery times, and comprehensive technical data.

Embrace the power of this versatile compound and unlock the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Whether you're a pharmaceutical researcher, a chemist, or a scientist in any other field, 2-Thia-7-azaspiro[4.5]decane hydrochloride holds the key to unlocking new frontiers of discovery and innovation. Embark on this exciting adventure and witness the transformative impact of this remarkable chemical compound.

  • Formula: C8H16ClNS
  • Mdl: MFCD29047462
  • Molecular weight: 193.74 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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