2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride -

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2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride

Discover the exceptional versatility of 2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride, a premium chemical compound with a molecular weight of 163.69 g/mol and a purity of at least 95%. This captivating molecule, bearing the CAS number 1909312-03-3, offers a unique blend of chemical properties that make it a valuable asset in various research and development applications. Crafted with precision, this compound's intricate structure and carefully balanced composition unlock a world of possibilities for chemists, researchers, and innovators alike. Unlock the potential of this remarkable chemical and elevate your projects to new heights of success.

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2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride

Unlock the versatile potential of 2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride, a highly specialized chemical compound with a unique molecular structure. This captivating compound, identified by the CAS number 1909312-03-3, offers a world of possibilities for researchers and scientists across various disciplines.

Boasting a molecular weight of 163.69 g/mol and a chemical formula of C8H18ClN, this hydrochloride salt presents a remarkable combination of properties that make it a valuable asset in the realm of scientific exploration. With a purity of at least 95%, this compound ensures reliable and consistent results in your research endeavors.

Diverse Applications

The versatility of 2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride is truly remarkable, as it finds applications in a wide range of scientific domains:

Pharmaceutical Research: This compound serves as a crucial building block in the synthesis of innovative pharmaceutical compounds. Its distinct chemical structure allows for the development of targeted therapies, potentially addressing a variety of health conditions and disorders.

Agrochemical Development: In the field of agrochemicals, 2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride contributes to the creation of advanced crop protection agents. Its unique properties can lead to the formulation of potent and selective pesticides, promoting healthier crops and higher yields.

Chemical Synthesis: As a versatile reagent, this compound finds its way into a multitude of chemical reactions, enabling the synthesis of novel materials and compounds with tailored properties. Its potential applications span across various scientific disciplines, opening doors to new discoveries and advancements.

Technical Specifications

Delve deeper into the technical details of this remarkable compound:

Molecular Formula: C8H18ClN
Molecular Weight: 163.69 g/mol
Purity: Minimum 95%
MDL Number: MFCD29047637

To ensure optimal stability and maintain the high purity of 2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride, it is recommended to store the compound in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated environment. Proper handling and storage protocols are crucial to preserve the integrity of this valuable asset.

Unlock the Potential

Embark on your scientific journey with 2-Ethyl-2-(propan-2-yl)cyclopropan-1-amine hydrochloride and unlock the boundless potential it holds. Whether you're exploring new frontiers in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, or chemical synthesis, this compound can be the key to unlocking groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

Dive into the wealth of technical resources and expert support available to gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable compound. Leverage its unique properties and versatility to push the boundaries of scientific exploration and create lasting impact in your field of study.

  • Molecular Formula: C8H18ClN
  • Molecular Weight: 163.69 g/mol
  • Purity: Minimum 95%
  • MDL Number: MFCD29047637
  • Formula: C8H18ClN
  • Mdl: MFCD29047637
  • Molecular weight: 163.69 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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