1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride - 100mg

REF #: 3D-JBD32603
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1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride

Discover the exceptional versatility of 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride, a high-purity (Min. 95%) chemical compound with a molecular weight of 215.74 g/mol and the CAS number 1909326-03-9. This captivating molecule, with its unique bicyclic structure, offers a world of possibilities for researchers and chemists seeking innovative solutions. Unlock the potential of this premium-quality compound and elevate your experiments to new heights, leveraging its exceptional performance and reliability. Inquire now for detailed pricing, delivery information, and comprehensive product specifications to unlock the full potential of this remarkable chemical.

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1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride

Unlock the versatile potential of 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride, a meticulously crafted chemical compound that holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in scientific research and development. With its unique molecular structure and exceptional purity, this compound is poised to become a valuable asset in the hands of discerning researchers and scientists across various disciplines.

At the heart of this compound lies a captivating bicyclic framework, featuring a thiophene ring fused to an azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane moiety. This intricate architecture, identified by the CAS number 1909326-03-9 and the reference number 3D-JBD32603, endows the molecule with a distinct set of chemical properties that can be harnessed for a wide range of applications.
Boasting a molecular weight of 215.74 g/mol and a chemical formula of C10H14ClNS, this compound stands out for its exceptional purity, with a minimum of 95% guaranteed. Its MDL number, MFCD29907386, serves as a unique identifier, allowing researchers to easily track and reference this versatile chemical entity.

Unlocking the Potential

The versatility of 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride lies in its ability to serve as a valuable building block in various scientific domains. Whether you're exploring the frontiers of pharmaceutical research, pioneering advancements in agrochemical development, or pushing the boundaries of chemical synthesis, this compound can be the key to unlocking new possibilities.

Pharmaceutical Research

In the realm of pharmaceutical research, this compound's unique structural features make it a prime candidate for the synthesis of innovative drug candidates. Its bicyclic framework and the presence of the thiophene moiety offer opportunities to explore novel therapeutic approaches, targeting a wide range of health conditions. Researchers can leverage the compound's reactivity and selectivity to design and develop targeted therapies with enhanced efficacy and improved pharmacological profiles.

Agrochemical Innovation

The agricultural sector also stands to benefit from the versatility of 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride. Its chemical properties can be harnessed in the development of advanced crop protection agents, such as potent and selective pesticides. By incorporating this compound into the synthesis of agrochemicals, researchers can create formulations that effectively safeguard crops while minimizing environmental impact, ultimately contributing to increased yields and sustainable agricultural practices.

Chemical Synthesis

Beyond the realms of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, this compound's versatility extends to the broader field of chemical synthesis. Its unique structural features and reactive moieties make it a valuable reagent and building block for the creation of novel materials and compounds with tailored properties. Researchers in material science, organic chemistry, and other related disciplines can leverage the compound's reactivity to explore new avenues of discovery, unlocking the potential for groundbreaking innovations.

Comprehensive Support for Researchers

To support your research endeavors, detailed product information, including the price, delivery time, and technical specifications, is available upon request through the technical inquiry form on this page. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the resources and guidance you need to unlock the full potential of 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride in your scientific pursuits.

Embark on your journey of discovery with this exceptional chemical compound, and let its versatility be the catalyst for your next groundbreaking innovation. Unlock the possibilities and explore the boundless potential that 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane hydrochloride

  • Formula: C10H14ClNS
  • Mdl: MFCD29907386
  • Molecular weight: 215.74 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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