(2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride -

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(2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride

Unlock the versatile potential of (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride, a high-purity (Min. 95%) chemical compound with a molecular weight of 215.5 g/mol and the CAS number 1909308-88-8. This versatile building block offers a unique blend of reactivity and selectivity, making it an invaluable tool for researchers and chemists. Carefully handle this compound, as it may cause skin and eye irritation, and respiratory discomfort. Always store in a cool, well-ventilated area, keeping the container tightly sealed. Embrace the precision and performance of this exceptional compound in your next experiment or synthesis, and unlock the limitless possibilities it holds.

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(2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride

Unlock the versatile potential of (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride, a highly specialized chemical compound that holds immense value for researchers and scientists across various disciplines. This meticulously crafted molecule, identified by its CAS number 1909308-88-8, boasts a unique structure and exceptional purity, making it a crucial asset in the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

Unraveling the Compound's Essence

At the heart of this compound lies a captivating combination of elements. With a molecular formula of C6H9Cl3N2 and a molecular weight of 215.5 g/mol, (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride presents itself as a white, crystalline solid. Its purity, meticulously maintained at a minimum of 95%, ensures reliable and consistent results in your research endeavors.

The compound's distinct chemical properties, including its solubility and reactivity, make it a versatile tool in the hands of skilled researchers. Its MDL number, MFCD29060375, serves as a unique identifier, allowing you to easily access detailed technical information and support resources to optimize your experiments.

Unlocking the Potential: Key Applications

The versatility of (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride extends across a wide range of scientific domains, empowering researchers to push the boundaries of their respective fields.

Pharmaceutical Research: This compound serves as a crucial building block in the synthesis of innovative pharmaceutical compounds. Its unique structure and properties enable the development of targeted therapies, addressing a diverse array of health conditions and improving patient outcomes.

Agrochemical Development: In the realm of agrochemicals, (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride contributes to the creation of advanced crop protection agents. Its chemical characteristics can be leveraged to formulate potent and selective pesticides, promoting sustainable agriculture and enhanced crop yields.

Chemical Synthesis: As a versatile reagent, this compound finds widespread application in the synthesis of novel materials and compounds. Its integration into various chemical processes can lead to the development of substances with tailored properties, opening up new avenues for scientific breakthroughs.

Ensuring Safety and Longevity

While specific hazard information is yet to be confirmed, it is crucial to handle (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride with the utmost care and caution. Adhere to standard laboratory safety protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment, and work in a well-ventilated area to ensure your safety and the integrity of the compound.

For optimal storage and long-term preservation of the compound's purity, it is recommended to keep it in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated environment. Following these guidelines will maintain the compound's stability and ensure its reliable performance in your research endeavors.

Unlocking the Possibilities

Embrace the potential of (2-Chloropyridin-4-yl)methanamine dihydrochloride and unlock new frontiers in your research. This versatile compound, with its exceptional purity and distinct chemical properties, is poised to be a valuable asset in your quest for groundbreaking discoveries and innovations. Consult the technical inquiry form on this page to obtain more detailed information, including pricing, delivery time, and comprehensive product specifications, to support your research and development efforts.

  • Formula: C6H9Cl3N2
  • Mdl: MFCD29060375
  • Molecular weight: 215.5 g/mol
  • Purity: Min. 95%
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