We “Invented” On-Demand Manufacturing.

End-to-end solution for mass-scale commodity production & distribution

ProcureNet is a leading on-demand manufacturing and procurement platform offering a progressive end-to-end solution for mass-scale commodity production and distribution.

Tackling supply and demand issues head-on, we’re leveraging technology, an advanced manufacturing network and logistics to facilitate highly efficient, automated commodity manufacturing worldwide.

Established as

The manufacturers’ go-to aggregator

The ProcureNet platform has established relationships with thousands of vetted and approved manufacturers across the globe, providing you with the fastest access to the best on-demand manufacturing, exactly when you need it. 

Connect to manufacturers on-demand

Tell us about the commodity you’d like to mass-produce and we’ll find the right manufacturers to fulfil your requirements.

A full circle

All-in-one on-demand manufacturing solution

Taking the Uber approach, our platform is designed to connect your mass production needs to the right manufacturer for the job. Think of yourself as the customer, and the manufacturer as the restaurant. We work in the same way. 

Find manufacturers that meet your needs

Submit a project request, and we’ll match you with manufacturers capable of meeting commodity regulatory requirements and specifications to the best qualitative output and at the right price. 

Experience complete end-to-end procurement

From sourcing manufacturers and commodity standardization to purchasing and the delivery of the finalised product, ProcureNet does all the technical and logistical leg work for you, helping you to experience considerable cost and time savings.

Full visibility, every step of the way

Via our AI platform, track product development at each touchpoint. You’ll have a transparent window into the production and distribution of your manufactured commodities, keeping you in the driving seat at all times.

Our partners

Trusted by

Proudly working side by side with government agencies, businesses and large organizations to provide intelligent product supply chain optimization. ProcureNet also operates a Humanitarian Aid Division that provides emergency medicine, protective supplies, medical devices, and protective wear to both civilians and first responders in developing countries to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other partners around the world.

ProcureNet is committed to empowering platform users to confidently source quality, value-driven and cost-effective commodities on demand.

6 Reasons to choose us

Why ProcureNet?


Quick access to standardized product feature sets.


Boost buying power via a centralized buying source.

Cost and time

Value-driven procurement with maximum efficiency and ease. 

Commodities available at scale

Purchasing from a demand-ready, watertight supply chain.


From manufacturing to logistics, experience complete procurement.

A commitment to quality

The highest qualitative standards for your end users’ assured. 


Our highly advanced on-demand manufacturing formula

We’re amalgamating state-of-the-art technology and commerce to produce the most efficient flow between demand, manufacturing, supply and logistics.

We work faster

Agility underpinned by technology

Our tech-enabled platform identifies top-performing and emerging marketplace products, giving ProcureNet the agility to adapt and respond to new and arising demand, as it unfolds. Deep data intelligence makes certain that you’re getting the best possible price and value on a wide variety of products, at accelerated speed and scale. 

We go further

An enriched manufacturing network

ProcureNet doesn’t just source and purchase from suppliers. We directly invest in manufacturing businesses across the world, gaining automated access to commodity production during peak demand. Building strong, deep-rooted relationships ensures that capital and personnel is securely sustained.

We deliver

Fast and reliable logistics

Our end-to-end solution also covers the logistical elements of the supply chain. Working with world-class logistics agents, we offer time-bound delivery and extensive flexibility as to how orders are handled, whether that be ex-work or door-step delivery. 

Case study

We secured 1 billion syringes thru ProcureNet

The start

During the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2021, the WHO announced that there was a 2.2 billion medical syringe shortage across the globe.

The process

ProcureNet was already one step ahead of the curve, working on a project to mass produce the syringes to meet the required demand.

The results

We secured a deal with the largest humanitarian organizations and developing countries from around the world to produce up to 1 billion syringes across our manufacturing platform by the end of 2021.

Mass production of frequently used commodities

In need of large-scale manufacturing? Join our platform to find the right manufacturers for the job, boost buying power and improve the quality of your products for end-users.

Are you a manufacturer?

As our platform continues to grow, we’re looking for new manufacturers to join our worldwide network. Interested in becoming a ProcureNet manufacturing partner? Head over to our manufacturers’ page to discover how we work with and invest in our partners.